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photoblog image Common grasshopper

Common grasshopper

I'm pretty sure this is a Common Grasshopper, pictured here on a houseplant that was outside for the summer .. last year.

Common grasshopper

I'm pretty sure this is a Common Grasshopper, pictured here on a houseplant that was outside for the summer .. last year.

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Did you see the nat. hist. prog recently where Bill Oddie had one of these on his arm and it was drawing blood? I was surprised they did that, but secretly pleased! grin Good shot, by the way!
EJWilkins: No I didn't see it David. I'm surprised, and secretly pleased, too, I thought it was only the Wartbiter Cricket that did things like that! smile
David did make me laugh with secretly pleased ! Common grasshopper it is and very well captured. I'll see you on Sunday.

EJWilkins: I like the 'secretly pleased' too smile

... need to talk ...
nice macro
EJWilkins: Thanks Dotun smile
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 24 Apr 2007, 01:00
Hi Ellie. Could be remarkably common...it looks very like one from Thailand I presented [ http://www.mainlythai.shutterchance.com/photoblog/63525.htm ] a little while back. Very wide-ranging species.
EJWilkins: I remember that one Ray, and this is the one I mentioned. I still think yours is a far better picture. smile
  • Jimbo
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • 24 Apr 2007, 02:06
They're extraordinary creatures, though I don't think I've ever seen one up close.
EJWilkins: You have to sneak up on them, without making any noise! wink
Nice Macro ellie. Its scary though (dont like grasshoppers)
EJWilkins: Oh, I'm sorry, but remember, even if this one were to jump it would be away from you .. look at the direction it's pointing smile
These little insect creatures always move around, jump - fly - walk, when I try to take pics of them smile
EJWilkins: I know the feeling all too well Aksel, just get the camera lined up and off they hop/jump/fly to somewhere just a teeny bit out of range. Butterflies move incredibly fast when they're being chased ... like toddlers, have you noticed that?
I really like this shot in large part because of the background (an I know that is not what I am supposed to look at). I don't know why, but it gives the shot a SciFi air. Maybe it is because of the thickness and texture of the leaves. The grasshopper may be common, but this shot definitely is not.
EJWilkins: grin You can hardly miss the background, can you? Thanks Martin
  • urban8
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • 24 Apr 2007, 06:09
Great image, Ellie, really like this - you must have been still to not disturb this little jumping fella!
EJWilkins: I was very lucky ... I saw it, went inside for the camera and when I got back it hadn't moved very much, just a little wriggle to get itself comfy. I think it may have liked the sunshine. I tried to make sure my shadow didn't go across it, which might have disturbed it, and I crouched down extremely slowly. One of those pictures I remember taking! wink
Great macro again. He looks like the leaf. Almost the same colour.
EJWilkins: It does look like the leaf, maybe that's why it was sitting there?
superbe! quelle belle photo
EJWilkins: Merci beaucoup Nadine smile
Very good detail in this shot
And the grasshopper has a great camouflage color
EJWilkins: Imagine trying to find the thing amongst stems of thick ripe grass!
great capture...
EJWilkins: Thanks chantal smile
  • Lilith
  • Watching the detectives
  • 24 Apr 2007, 11:09
The grasshopper really matches the leaves. Good capture, they jump so fast!
EJWilkins: ... and what's more, they seem to change direction in mid-fight, so you never, ever see them again!
  • Saratu
  • Aberdeen
  • 24 Apr 2007, 13:28
never thought a common grasshopper could be so interesting. well captured!
EJWilkins: Thanks smile
I think Ray's is a better picture, did you see it?
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 24 Apr 2007, 14:32
It looks common enough. You remember how you taught the meaning of the commons. Would that apply to the common grasshopper as well? smile

Imagine you should fry those spikey legs and eat it, yuk.

Nice to have captured this mover.
EJWilkins: Aha, now, I think communis refers only to plants, with animals it's more likely to be the 'common or garden' variety ... seen just about everywhere. I hadn't thought about eating these things Louis ... do you often think of food? wink
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 24 Apr 2007, 14:42
What a huge difference between yesterday's and today's grasshoppers, Ellie, especially in the antennae. So interesting! This one really IS camouflaged against its environs. It almost looks like a dried specimen pinned to the leaf!

EJWilkins: I don't know if that's the main difference between a grasshopper and a cricket ... I wonder if anybody does know.
Honestly Ginnie, it was real, fresh and alive, not attached to the leaf! The thought of it! I wonder if it was happy there because it sort of matched the leaves? I think they may be wiser than we imagine
WOW, that's a great macro, how did you manage to do not scare him? I find photographing of any animals very difficult... Very nice colours, are they natural or have you applied a filter?
EJWilkins: I crept up on it, tried to make sure my shadow didn't fall across it and also crouched down very, very slowly!
The colours are natural, there was a click of contrast and a click of sharpening.
  • mal
  • 24 Apr 2007, 18:13
this is really good stuff Ellie. lovely shot. mal
EJWilkins: You're a dear Mal, thanks smile
Amazing detail and composition, Ellie. I love how the grasshopper and it's surroundings seem as one and the lines all echo each other. Beautiful!
EJWilkins: Hmm, now if I was brave enough to try abstracts I might use the plant for something like that. Thanks for the idea Suzanne. smile
  • Petra
  • 24 Apr 2007, 21:28
Great shot...yuck animal...
EJWilkins: Thanks, and sorry ... but if it were to jump it would be away from you smile
Oooh, nice beastie grin
EJWilkins: Thanks Chris .. have you any idea what the plant is? I've forgotten! wink
  • nev
  • Australia
  • 24 Apr 2007, 22:28
another fantastic sporting shot ellie. i like the diagonal framing alot.
EJWilkins: grin Thanks Neal.
I suppose it looks a bit like a launch pad too ...
Excellent capture of a creature who clearly meant to hide - its camouflage is quite good. Nice details.
  • Julischka
  • the centre of EU
  • 25 Apr 2007, 07:26
This is another great macro! I took a look in my book and it's possible that it's a Psophus Stridulus. But I'm not sure. If it showed red wings during flight then it is.
  • sparklite
  • Toronto, Canada
  • 25 Apr 2007, 16:10
Wow, sweet macro. The DOF is fantastic too! smile Nice work Ellie!
This one is wonderful - Just wonderful !!
Whichever detail you have obtained in this “saltamontes” !!

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